Safari –

Altos De Chavon


Dominican Republic is a land rich in natural, cultural and popular resources. The Safari (click here to watch the video) will take you to discover, in an adventurous way, different places, products and situations of this beautiful country.


With Adventure Trucks (click here to view the image) we will pick you up in your Resort (for those staying at Viva Village, Viva Beach and Viva Palace the meeting will be in front of our agency) starting at 8:00 am (the time will be confirmed when booking, round-trip transfer is included in the price).


As a first stop, we will head to Altos De Chavon (click here to watch the video): it is a re-creation of a Mediterranean-style medieval village made entirely of coral stone, located at the top of the Chavón river in La Romana. It is the most popular attraction in the city and houses a Regional Archaeological Museum (which houses an impressive collection of pre-Colombian artifacts found in the surrounding areas), a cultural center, the Church of San Stansilao, a fountain (called the one of love: here tradition has it that lovers swap a sweet kiss, maybe facing the panoramic terrace, from which to enjoy a marvelous view of the river, which flows beneath it, and on the explosive and luxuriant Dominican vegetation) and a Greek-Roman amphitheater that can accommodate about 5000 visitors. The small center is full of small shops where you can peek, buying a souvenir or some typical product of local craftsmanship. To cheer the walk, groups of artists in traditional dresses perform typical songs and dances, following the involving Latin rhythm.


We will go to the sugar cane plantations (click here to look at the image): we will be able to visit the village of the Haitians who work on the plantations, get to know these people, listen to how the work is done and taste the cane. We will also make a stop at a small school (click here to look at the picture).


In the next stage we will visit an artisan cigar factory, where you can admire the preparation (click here to look at the image) and, for those who want, can be tasted and purchased.


We will visit a Typical House where you will be shown the various plants (coffee, cocoa, pineapple, yuca…) (click here to look at the image) and, for those who want, you can buy the typical local artisan products. Immediately after we will finally arrive at Rancho where we will offer you a typical Dominican lunch.


We will continue our journey until we reach the Rio Chavon, where a raft is waiting for us (click here to look at the image) with which we will sail the river down to the valley. The scenery is truly impressive! There are some sections where very high mountain walls rise up to the banks of the river. There is a very rich and green vegetation. And there is no lack of entertainment: for those who want to try, you can dive into the river by jumping off a river bank with a liana! The Rio Chavon was the movie set of the movie Apocalypse Now!!!


We will take you back to your resorts for about 4.30 pm.


0 - 4 Years Free
5 - 10 Years Discount 50%
Groups 10 pax + Special conditions